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Blessed Be Bengal

Reignite the Wild Within ~ Don't Settle for the Status Quo


About Us

We are resilient pioneers with decades of experience in pet breeding, nurturing new generations steaming from Grand Champions. Fully TICA Registered based in Central Frontenac Ontario, Canada.  Focus on health, temperament and the amazing high contrast rosettes.   

Our mission is to ensure pets live extraordinary lives while treating our clients as extended family.

"Nature Knows Best" is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exceptional Bengals and extraordinary experiences to our extended family of clients and their beloved furry friends. 

What Drives Us?

Our Drive is to disrupt the pet industry, challenging the status quo of confusing, complex, and unhealthy breeds and liberating families and pets from the conformity and compliancy. We specialize in our "wild meets domestic" approach, creating a breed that is healthier, more compelling, and genetically diverse.

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