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Kitten Socials

What age can I take my kitten home?

Kittens stay here with us and their mom till  at least twelve weeks of age. Its important to their development both mentally and physically.

Do you have a pet contract?

Yes we do have a pet contract for every kitten that goes home. This insures both parties know there rights and responsibilities to this amazing creature.

What is my kitten eating now and what should I be feeding when I bring them home?

All of our cats here at Blessed Be Bengal are on balanced Raw diet. We encourage families to continue with balanced raw. If raw is not a possibility then the next best option is wet food. 90% of your cats hydration comes from their food. 

What is in the contract?

Contract talks about price, Health Guarantee, spay or neuter requirements as well as alterations the new owner agrees to never do to the cat such as declaw or vocal cord removal. 

Past Litter Socials 


Are the kittens raised in home?


All of our kittens are raised in home and under foot.

What testing has been done on parents?

All of our cats PK Negative, PRA Negative and no history of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. 

What will my kitten come with?

Kittens will all go home with shots, Vet checked, have been fully dewormed, microchipped (24Pet watch), blanket, pellet litter they are using, some of the raw food they are currently on and 30 day no obligation insurance.

We also offer life long breeder support along with genetic guarantee

Are the kittens registered?

Yes! We are TICA registered breeders. All of our kittens are registered! We agreed and signed the Tica Code of Ethics for breeding as well!

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